Academy-Industry Matching

Bursatto aims to provide opportunities for sustainable cooperation between Academy and Industry, and works within this framework and strives to match its academicians with suitable industrialists. For this reason, a portfolio has been prepared regarding the areas of expertise of our academicians and meetings are regularly held with industry representatives.

Project Process Consultancy

It is important to prepare an accurate application file for the appropriate project in the project calls for industry. Considering that international funds cannot be adequately utilized in our country, it can be said that one of the primary reasons for not receiving grants in industry-oriented projects is the difficulties in preparing a project application file. Bursatto aims to support both academicians and industrialists in this regard due to the experience of Bursatto experts in the project application process.

Grant Consultancy on Industry Focused Projects

In the project management process, the issue of grant, administrative and financial issues related to the grant are among the points Bursatto attaches importance to in order to ensure the success and sustainability of the project. Our team of experts are ready to share their experience in industry-oriented grants and form collaborations between academicians and industrialists.