Bursa Technical University Technology Transfer Office Inc. aims to train and professionalize our academicians, entrepreneurs and industry representatives in the process of project writing and management. For this reason, besides providing trainings on projects, scholarships and grants, trainings aiming to introduce the entrepreneurship ecosystem and improve cooperation are also offered throughout the year. These trainings are announced on the Bursa Technical University website, Bursatto website, and Bursatto social media accounts.

Project Management Consultancy

The process after the acceptance of national or international projects is often tiring for academicians or entrepreneurs; some important details might be overlooked. Bursatto aims to make the project management process easier and transparent for the entire project team by providing consultancy throughout the process.

Consultancy on Project

One of the fields of activity that Bursatto prioritizes is to provide consultancy on a wide range of issues such as choosing the appropriate project subject for calls, creating a project team, preparing an application file suitable for your call and budgeting.

Funding Consultancy

In the project application and implementation process, providing consultancy on financial and administrative issues related to grants, seeking answers to your questions and helping you to go through the grant process, which is one of the most important points in projects, is another of Bursatto's fields of activity.

Global Networking

Cooperating nationally and internationally in academia and industry, finding national or international partners for your projects is very important in the project process. Bursa Technical University cares about international cooperation in terms of its vision and aims to share its experience and portfolio in this field with You in the project management process.