Open Innovation Test Beds Çağrılarına ilişkin sık sorulan sorulara verilen cevaplar İngilizce olarak aşağıda verilmektedir. Konuyla ilgili başka sorularınız olursa adresinden bizimle iletişime geçebilirsiniz.


Question 1 – Could the costs of establishing legal entities needed under the Call Open Innovation Test Beds be considered eligible?

While the full costs of establishing a fully operational legal entity cannot be covered within the grant duration and costs, some preparatory costs will be relevant and eligible costs, such as those exemplified under explanatory notes question 3 – Which activities of Open Innovation Test Beds will be eligible for funding?

Examples of relevant costs mentioned under this question include:

“Definition of access conditions to facilities and services” and “Design and Development of Open Innovation Test Bed Services” and its sub-item “Legal / regulatory expertise related to materials/products tested”


Question 2: The guidelines say the type of entity is up to the consortium, however, is there any advice about the best suitable model or anyone that would be excluded?

The Open Innovation Test Bed must provide access to facilities and services through one single entry point already during the EU grant. The legal structure is up to the partners involved. However, the consortium needs to present a convincing structure that shows its capacity to work together during and after the grant period, and ensure its future sustainability.


Question 3:  Can the Open Innovation Test Beds legal entity be a EEIG (European Economic Interest Grouping, Regulation (EEC) No 2137/85)? 

The choice of legal entity is up to the consortia It may include a EEIG.


Question 4: The Open Innovation Test Bed legal entity has to be constituted by all the test bed members? Some universities or public research centers have restrictions to constitute certain legal entities, as, for example, a company; is it possible that some of the pilots/sites constitute a company and the others (belonging to universities) become associated members/subcontractors?

The Open Innovation Test Bed legal entity does not necessarily need to consist of all test bed members but the Single Entry Point legal entity should have the power to sign contracts on behalf of and be accountable for the Open Innovation Test Bed activities/operations.


Question 5: Is there any restriction for a pilot/infrastructure to be member of more than one test bed?

The quality of the consortium is evaluated on an individual proposal basis, including the expertise of the individual partners, the synergies and complementarity between them plus an evaluation of the role of each partner within the proposed tasks of the Description of Action.

In case of the same entity being a partner of several retained proposals, synergies and scope adjustments will need considering during the subsequent grant agreement preparations.