Ufuk2020 Yakıt Pilleri ve Hidrojen Ortak Girişimi tarafından yayınlanan ve desteklenen “FCH-04-4-2018: Strengthening public acceptance and awareness of FCH-technologies by educating pupils at schools” başlığına yönelik “didactic transposition” alanında faaliyet gösteren ortaklara aranmaktadır. İlgilenilen araştırmacıların projede alacağı olası iş paketi bilgileri aşağıdaki gibidir:


Hydrogen Academy Project (HydrAc)

Work Package  3 Preparation

Description of services to be rendered



Basic – 7th to 8th year

* Notions of the hydrogen economy principles supporting the H2 industry

* Comparative analysis of hydrogen as a resource (future) with the with the fossil resources (past)

* Hydrogen world effort to foster green economy and environment


Secondary – 9th to 11th year

* Principles for a competitive hydrogen economy

* Hydrogen industry and commerce for green development

* Hydrogen education for environmental preservation and eco-efficiency

* Hydrogen as a source for power, heating  in connection to renewable energy

* Hydrogen as a tool for supporting sustainable and smart mobility




QUESTION: Desirable to identify and name a partner who can take over this task and make evident its capability for that to the Judging Committee based on its background.


Deadline for definition: Monday April 16.




Reasoning: Hydrogen Science & Technology must be supported and aligned to the Hydrogen Economy to grow up. Schoolteachers and school grids for insertion of H2 matters on disciplines must be oriented to match these two branches in a smart way following HydrAc philosophy.


Nature of service: Provide the digital educational materials and make the didactic transposition of Hydrogen Economy to the several school levels on basic (7th to 8th year) and secondary (9th to 11th) courses for the knowledge in regard to the Hydrogen Economy.


Modules once transposed from the academy & industry level to school level (representing a downgrade) must fit to the different capabilities to be found and tailored to the ten countries framework, and after approval properly inserted in the OER platform through the MOOC.


Workload is estimated in 0.84 men month per country including translation from English to eight languages (French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Czech, Danish and Swedish) in digital files, meetings and dialogue with school pedagogues at each country.


Total workload = 8.4 men month rated at 3608 EUR/mont = 30.307 EUR for remuneration or 8.0% of total budget for staff costs. Travel and stay costs are not included on this budget.


Period for preparation – Mid of April to Mid of July 2019


Remark: The premise is that educational contents will be probably mostly similar to all countries in about 75% -80% of materials, and 20% -25% will be specifically tailored to every country framework.



İlgili çağrı başlığında belirtilen iş paketinde görev almak isteyen araştırmacılar Enerji Alanı Ulusal İrtibat Noktaları İlknur YILMAZ ve Çağrı YILDIRIM (ncpenergy@tubitak.gov.tr) ile iletişime geçebilirler.